Apr 18, 2023Liked by Stephanie McCarthy

Good morning and thank you for yet another well written and Insightful post.

I enjoy reading your posts as they Open up my eyes to a more empathetic and Positive view of the world And the people in it.

And this post in that vein did not disappoint.

I have long associated the word belonging or to be long as a word of possession. As in which church do you belong to or You don't belong here.

I tend to interchange the word belong With the phrase being part of.

That way I feel as if I contribute rather than long to be. There's something About To belong to something. That reminds me Of compulsion . You're post like the knots in your yarn has Has added other meanings to the word belong for me to unravel

Again thanks for the article always a good read Cheers to You. Stephanie

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